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Feminine-Rejuvenation Procedures by Dr. David Morwood

Published on February 28, 2019

The utmost in respect, comfort, and confidentiality…
Feminine-rejuvenation procedures are rapidly growing in popularity. Dr. Morwood is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon who offers a full complement of feminine-rejuvenation procedures including labiaplasty, monsplasty, and vaginoplasty procedures.

Many of these procedures can be performed in the office, or women may elect to have a general anesthetic. Routinely, they are done as outpatient procedures. Women will request feminine-rejuvenation procedures for a variety of reasons, including restoration after childbirth, injury, or to address a congenital difference.

All of these vaginal-rejuvenation procedures, whether done to improve function or appearance, all have the same goal: to help boost a woman’s self-confidence.


Labiaplasty is the reshaping and recontouring of the lips of the vagina. The labia minora are the typically thin lips directly at the sides of the opening of the vagina. The labia majora are the wider larger structures located lateral to, or on the side of, the labia minora.

Both the labia minora and the labia majora can be sculpted, trimmed, reshaped, reduced, or even re-volumized because of changes after childbirth, weight loss, or an episiotomy, or to address a congenital asymmetry. These procedures can help minimize the discomfort that may accompany activities such as exercise and intercourse and can improve appearance.

As in almost every area of plastic and reconstructive surgery that Dr. Morwood offers, he is an advocate of a custom-designed approach. During your consultation, you will be treated with honesty, compassion, and respect by Dr. Morwood and his staff. You will be encouraged to ask questions and to discuss specific areas and aspects of your labia that you would like reshaped and contoured, and your options will be discussed.

Most women elect to have labiaplasty in the office under local anesthesia with some oral pills for relaxation and/or with some self-administered inhalation sedation and relaxant.

Just as with other types of feminine rejuvenation following labiaplasty, you are encouraged to rest and take it easy at home for three days and three nights, more activity on day number four, and a slow return to full activities and exercise on day eleven. Dr. Morwood recommends refraining from vaginal penetration with tampons or intercourse for about six weeks.


After childbirth, many women complain of vaginal laxity, widening, and less friction and sensation during intercourse due to the loose and lax anatomy. There are a number of vaginoplasty and perineoplasty procedures, all designed to minimize the effects of the stretching or from an episiotomy during childbirth.

The opening of the vagina, or introitus, can be made smaller; the posterior, or deep, wall of the vagina can also be reconstructed; and if desired and needed, the loose muscles can be tightened and reapproximated. This is similar to an abdominoplasty or tummy-tuck procedure.

Vaginoplasty, perineoplasty, and other such procedures are routinely performed on an outpatient basis. Most women elect to have a general anesthetic. However, under some circumstances, it is possible to have these procedures done with lighter sedation in the office.


The mons is the area just above the opening of the vagina and is commonly referred to as the pubic triangle. Dr. Morwood offers a variety of procedures to rejuvenate this area following weight loss or childbirth. These procedures can also be performed to improve symmetry and shape and to minimize droopiness and protrusion.

These procedures may include micro liposculpture, fat grafting, lifting, or excision. A monsplasty is sometimes combined with an abdominoplasty or a mini-abdominoplasty.

Your Consultation

Again, as with all feminine-rejuvenation procedures Dr. Morwood and his staff will encourage you to express your desires, point out and explain what you would like to change, and then encourage an open communication session about your choices and best options.

During your consultation for feminine rejuvenation, Dr. Morwood and his staff will discuss the particulars regarding options for anesthesia, sedation, location (office or surgery center), post-operative care, absorbable sutures, and hygiene and wound-care routines. They will also review the list of suggested medications for safety and will help with a smooth recovery.

Labiaplasty and other feminine-rejuvenation procedures have a high satisfaction rate. As with all surgical procedures, complications are possible. Becoming educated about the particulars of your selected procedure is part of the informed consent process, and you will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and respect.

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Dr. David Morwood has over 25 years experience in private practice. He is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is an expert examiner for the Medical Board of California and for years has served as either chief or vice chief of the division of Plastic Surgery in Monterey. To schedule a consultation about feminine rejuvenation or any other procedure to improve your appearance, please contact us here at our website, or call 831-646-8661.

Out of Town? Visit Monterey for Your Next Surgery

Out of Town?

Visit Monterey for
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